The oil change is an operation that consists of removing the used oil from the engine. It must be done regularly to prevent engine wear. The used oil will be replaced by new oil. It lubricates the engine parts and ensures a perfect compression of the engine.

The oil level, the key element

The main purpose of an oil change is to replace the oil in the engine. It has 2 distinct objectives: the first objective is to ensure the longevity of the engine block and the second is to improve its performance. The engine is an entity composed of several complex parts. The presence of a lubricant is imperative to produce a consistent result. The absence of engine oil therefore implies a loss of efficiency following the appearance of friction capable of permanently damaging the engine. Checking the oil level every 1,000 or 2,000 km is therefore the most important parameter for good car maintenance. It is possible to top up the engine oil yourself to prevent possible damage, but this is not a substitute for a complete oil change.

When to carry out an oil change?

The moment when the car needs to be changed is probably the most recurring problem for drivers. Manufacturers recommend changing the engine oil from a distance travelled of between 10,000 and 30,000 km. However, this range can be influenced by the car model. Indeed, even if the frequency of use is not regular, the distance travelled by the car remains the dominant factor and it is essential to change the engine before making a long journey. The interval between oil changes is also defined according to the age of the oil and the type of fuel consumed by the engine. For example, a car equipped with a petrol engine can be changed once a year, or even twice if it is used less frequently, i.e. every 10,000 to 15,000 km, and a diesel engine should be changed every 7,000 km.

The risks of irregular oil changes

Problems that occur as a result of erratic engine oil changes are often manifested by water ingress into the engine. Because the oil is less efficient, the friction between components will be greater and will accelerate engine wear. The oil filter can also become clogged if the oils used are not compatible, and it is advisable to change the filter at every oil change.