Whether you are a seasoned traveller or new to the game, there are several things that you should never overlook when renting a car. As the client, you need to check the car’s condition, the rental agreement, and the general rules and regulations of the particular city. While all these are crucial aspects, most people forget about excess insurance. But is car hire excess insurance worthwhile? Let’s find out.

Understand the Terms and Details of the Policy

Car hire excess is a type of coverage that works in addition to the basic car hire policy. It offers you additional protection while renting a car. The coverage will cover the cost of repairs or replacement of the vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. In most cases, the value of this coverage is included in the rental fee. Before you sign up or buy car rental excess insurance policy, you must carefully read its terms and conditions to understand if it suits your needs. Always get more information from your car rental company.

The terms and conditions of your excess insurance policy are vital. If you overlook these details, the consequences can be catastrophic. The policy mainly protects your rental vehicle against physical damage or loss/theft incidents if they occur during the period of contracts. If you are only travelling within the country, 3rd party cover might be more than enough for you. However, if you are planning a longer trip in Europe, where most countries require a minimum of 3rd party cover, you might need to consider getting an excess insurance policy.

Get Updated about the Policy and Get the Best Deal

Before signing the excess insurance policy, you need to understand how it works. Most policies cover the excess in case of damage or theft up to a specific amount. If you are travelling with family, this could be particularly useful because of the extra protection. Regular car insurance companies do not cover cars that are hired by customers.

With the many companies offering insurance, it is easy to get confused. You can buy it from your car rental company. However, before you make a final choice, you need to compare from different providers, online and offline. Car hire excess insurance compare helps you get the best deals and avoid overspending on the insurance.

Know Your Rights Regarding Car Hire Excess Insurance

Do I need excess protection car hire? Most people often ask themselves this question before taking out the insurance. Car hire excess protection provides the clients with liability coverage if they have to file a claim. However, if you find that your car rental company gives false information regarding the policy, you need to know your rights. Know what steps you can take against them and ask for legal help if needed.

While different companies have different channels for filing complaints, there is a standard process to follow. It starts with sending a letter or email to the company’s customer support. You have to detail your complaint in an organised manner while being concise. Always keep your charge receipts for all the repairs and maintenance you performed so you can get a reimbursement.


So, is it worth buying car hire excess insurance? As long as you are renting a car, having car hire excess is crucial. It protects you and your family as you cruise around cities. Whether it is worthwhile or not depends on the type of trip you will do. If your travel activity is more intense or if you are planning to cross several borders during your holidays, then opting for excess insurance is indeed a smart choice.