The majority of cars sold on today's market are equipped with white headlights. However, during the previous century, the use of this type of device was prohibited. Older models and vintage cars are equipped with yellow bulbs. Nowadays, what is the legislation concerning these lights?

Laws concerning yellow headlights

Before buying a yellow ba20d bulb, it is important to find out about the decrees that refer to this accessory. You can, for example, use a s2 12v bulb. This will effectively illuminate the road for a distance of 100 metres when driving at night on clear days. The second regulation concerns low beam headlights. They have similar characteristics to high beam headlights. The only difference is that the lighting distance is 30 metres. In addition, these lights must not dazzle drivers of other cars. It is important to remember that while the ban on white headlights has been lifted, the use of a yellow s1 bulb is not prohibited. You can obtain one from a store specializing in the sale of this type of device. It is also possible to obtain them without leaving your home. All you need is an Internet connection. Some sites offer rare models such as the ba20d.

What are the properties of yellow headlights?

Unlike the "xenon" lamp, which has a slightly bluish appearance, yellow headlights have no technical characteristics. It is a normal bulb installed in a yellow globe. Nowadays, it is not easy to find an s2 12v bulb. To get one, you have two options: go to a store that sells this kind of light or buy it online. The second solution is strongly recommended if you don't have time to go out shopping. It will also allow you to compare the prices of different suppliers.

Which cars can have yellow headlights?

Before buying a ba20d 12V bulb, it is recommended that you find out. Answer the following question: can you put yellow headlights on your car? In general, this kind of accessory is used on older cars and collectibles. On the other hand, it is possible to find them on newer cars, if they have a space for a ba20d bulb. If not, you will need to make some modifications to your vehicle's lighting system. Don't hesitate to ask your garage or a person specialised in this field for advice.