Carpooling / Car Sharing

Getting into car-sharing: the advantages of this system

More than a system, car sharing is a way to make a little profit and save money. How? Very easy: by putting your vehicle on a one-off rental.  It is mainly a question of renting your personal vehicle which remains…

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Car-sharing: what insurance should I take out?

Car-sharing is a new mode of transport that is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are now opting for alternative mobility solutions, including public transport, for economic reasons or ecological convictions. But what is car sharing? Do we need to take…

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Carpooling and car sharing: what are the differences?

If you don’t have a car to get to work or if your car is being repaired, carpooling or car-sharing may be suitable solutions. What does it consist of? Here’s a quick overview of the issue. Confusion of terms To…

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