Car-sharing is a new mode of transport that is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are now opting for alternative mobility solutions, including public transport, for economic reasons or ecological convictions. But what is car sharing? Do we need to take out special insurance for car sharing?

What is car sharing?

Car-sharing is a transport system that can be used periodically for a limited period of time by several users. There are several forms of carsharing: carsharing with an intermediary and carsharing without an intermediary. While the first is done through intermediaries such as fleet managers or platforms dedicated to this type of solution, the second is done between individuals, friends, neighbours or relatives. This type of mobility solution has many advantages. Opting for this service, users only pay for the occasional use of the car. In addition, this system reduces pollutant emissions and energy consumption.

What insurance for car sharing with an intermediary?

In the event of a claim, it is the platform's insurer who covers the repairs. It will also pay compensation for any damage, whether material or physical. The holder of the car-sharing vehicle is therefore not considered responsible and his insurer does not cover the expenses. The bonus/malus system does not relate to his contract either. Users, for their part, do not need to take out car insurance, as it is already included in the rental contract. In general, the guarantees included in the rental contract of the intermediary platform are: individual driver's guarantee, damage, vandalism, fire, theft as well as classic guarantees such as civil liability. These guarantees can change from one intermediary to another, so be careful and check the elements taken care of before subscribing to a car sharing platform.

What insurance for car-sharing without an intermediary?

As far as car-sharing insurance between private individuals is concerned, which is carried out between friends, neighbours or relatives, i.e. without an intermediary, it is the car-sharing car owner's insurance policy that comes into play. Before engaging in car-sharing between private individuals, the car owner must inform his insurer. This will ensure that he or she is included in the contract for cover for occasional drivers, which is much more appropriate to the situation. Thus, in the event of a claim, whoever the driver, it is always the reduction/margin coefficient of the main driver that will be affected.