Buying / selling cars

How to negotiate the price of a new car at a dealership?

Negotiating a new car at a dealership is an art. For a buyer, it’s a matter of acquiring a vehicle at the best price, including all possible warranties. And for the seller, it’s an opportunity to persuade a potential customer…

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Pre-owned vehicle: what to check before buying?

Currently, the used car market is booming and it is now easier to buy a car. However, buying a used car requires a lot of thought, as a bad deal could have serious consequences. When making a purchase, the private…

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Hidden defect: how to turn against the seller?

Buying used vehicles is risky. Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle, a scooter… hidden defects exist. They are none other than the non apparent defects of a good that make it unfit for use. They are the responsibility of the…

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