Negotiating a new car at a dealership is an art. For a buyer, it's a matter of acquiring a vehicle at the best price, including all possible warranties. And for the seller, it's an opportunity to persuade a potential customer to buy his or her cars, according to his or her terms. The battle will be a tough one for both parties. To have all the chances on your side, find out through these few lines how to be a good negotiator.

The right time and place

Throughout the year, a dealership does not deviate from its primary objective: the sale of new cars. There is a time of year, when prices can be easily negotiated, namely towards the end of the year: October, November and December. Indeed, during this period, dealers seek to meet their sales target for the year. This is an ideal opportunity to bargain, even if they already offer promotional prices. For fear of not selling their stock, these salespeople will be led to reduce the price of their car. Negotiating a new car will thus be child's play.

The importance of competition

Before going headlong into a dealership, it is essential to make price comparisons on the different makes of car of your choice. Sometimes some dealerships offer discounts and others prefer to keep a fixed price. Once you've found the make and model, you can start researching the various prices offered at different dealerships. This can be done by browsing websites. When you go to your dealer, don't hesitate to entrust him with tempting proposals that you may have seen elsewhere. Technically, a good salesperson will do what it takes to match the unbeatable market prices.

Negotiating services

If after long minutes of hard work and negotiation, you can't get the price you're looking for, don't give up. The last trick is to haggle over the price of services and options. Dealers have varying degrees of leeway on these extra offers. You can negotiate them as much as you did with the vehicle. To convince the seller, you will play on a specific speech: explain to him that the price of the car being rather expensive than the planned budget, you will wish in exchange that the accessories or services have a discount.