Currently, the used car market is booming and it is now easier to buy a car. However, buying a used car requires a lot of thought, as a bad deal could have serious consequences. When making a purchase, the private or professional seller must be able to inform you about the general condition of the car: tires, mileage, engine, maintenance... So, before making a purchase, many points must be checked thoroughly. Three essential points must be reviewed.

The exterior

Never lose sight of the fact that the seller wants to make the effort to get rid of the car quickly by all means. So you have to be very vigilant when checking. Starting on the outside. The sheet metal must be extremely smooth. You should know that straightening a sheet metal can cost you a hundred euros. Inspect the windows, seals and rust. Tires must be of the same make and size. In addition, there must be no tears. Also check if there is any play in the steering. Be aware that tyres in good condition guarantee your safety.

The interior

Inside, the meter is the first thing to check. Misaligned numbers can be a sign of a rigging. If the seats are covered with house, don't hesitate to remove them to check the condition of the fabrics. Are all the controls functional? Unless you're ready to do some work immediately, make sure all controls are working properly: dashboard lights, radio, wipers, headlights, reversing light, stop and turn signal, etc. These are essential points, but they should not reflect your decision. Think of them as a way of putting pressure on the price. On the other hand, air conditioning is much more expensive. So make sure that it works very well.

The engine

The engine is the last thing to be checked, but of not insignificant importance. Oil leaks do not necessarily mean a worrying breakdown. However, always be wary, especially if the car is sold by private individuals without a warranty. Battery terminals, hoses and the radiator must be well maintained. A test drive is a more indispensable thing to check a used car. Be aware that some anomalies are only visible on the road like the clutch, the transmission, the exhaust fumes, the brakes... If there is one thing you should remember, it is that you should never buy a used car without first having a road test.