In some countries, the driving licence has a specific number of points after it has been issued. For a permanent driving licence, for example, it is accompanied by 12 points. As for a probationary licence, the holder only has 6 points. Why such a system? According to the law, these points are withdrawn each time the driver commits road traffic offences. Do you have any questions about traffic violations resulting in a loss of points?

Alcohol and drug offences

In terms of offences and loss of points, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not to be ruled out. Moreover, the latter is punishable by a 6-point deduction, regardless of the situation. As soon as the limit of the authorized alcohol level, including 0.5g per litre of blood or 0.25mg per litre of exhaled air for a confirmed driver and 0.2g and 0.1mg for a probationary licence holder, is exceeded, the offence is considered committed. But that is not all! Refusing to submit to alcohol and drug tests is also punished in the same way. Not forgetting that 6 points will also be deducted from the licence of an accompanying person who is obviously intoxicated.

Failure to comply with the Highway Traffic Act

The frequency of offences and loss of points is equally remarkable when it comes to compliance with the Highway Code. Overlapping the continuous line is punished by the removal of a point. On the other hand, if the said line is completely crossed, the penalty will be the removal of 3 points on the permit.  Otherwise, dangerous parking, i.e. parking in a place prohibited for this purpose, without sufficient signs and lighting, is punished by a 3-point deduction. As for parking on the highway, a 2-point deduction is irrefutable. And of course, the non-use of seatbelts, the use of a telephone or headphones while driving and other matters are punished by a 3-point penalty.

Speeding offences

There's always a speed you shouldn't exceed when you're on the road. And failure to do so could be the reason for a point deduction ranging from one to six points at a time. Likewise, overtaking is an interesting issue in terms of infractions and loss of points. The fact that a driver accelerates when he or she is about to be overtaken is a traffic offence punishable by a 2-point deduction. A dangerous overtaking is a 3-point offence.